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Risu Plastic Group (Gifu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., Risu Pack Co., Ltd., Risu Kogyo Co.,, Ltd., Risu Co., Ltd., and Risu Joint Products Co., Ltd [hereafter referred to collectively as "The Group"]), believes that it has a social responsibility to ensure the thorough and proper management of customers’ personal information. Accordingly, a policy concerning the handling of personal information on this website has been established as set forth below.

  1. Gathering Personal Information
    The Group may require customers to provide personal information when they use this website (email address, surname, address, telephone number, etc.).
    In all cases, The Group will collect personal information within reasonable limits after having informing the individual concerned as to the purpose for which such information will be used.
    Customers are requested to give their consent before providing any information.
  2. Utilizing Personal Information
    The Group will utilize the personal information provided by customers for the purposes stated when the information was gathered.
  3. Disclosing Personal Information to a Third Party
    The Group will not disclose the personal information provided by customers to a third party except under the following circumstances:
    1. When the customer consents to such disclosure.
    2. When the disclosure is such that the identity of the customer cannot be determined.
    3. When the disclosure is made to an outsourced agency that requires the information for the management of The Group’s Website
      (In such cases, The Group will sign contracts, etc. with the disclosee to ensure that they protect the information appropriately.)
    4. When the law requires the disclosure, such as in the case where a judicial or administrative body issues a legally binding demand for personal information.
  4. Management of Personal Information
    The Group will appoint officers to manage the personal information of our customers, and take reasonable safety measures, using technical and organizational means, to safeguard personal information from being lost, destroyed, altered, or leaked.
    The Group may destroy the personal information of any customer if it is determined that, the purpose for which such information was collected has been fulfilled and there is no longer any need to retain the information.
  5. Access Records
    The webserver managed by The Group stores information on the webpages accessed and the domains from where they were accessed.
    This practice is common in webserver management. The information is statistical and it does not identify a customer personally.
  6. Inquiries about Personal Information
    If a customer makes any of the following requests in person, with regard to personal information that they have entrusted to The Group, The Group will respect the wishes of the individual concerned and respond swiftly within reasonable limits:
    1. Confirmation of the content.
    2. Correction, modification, or deletion.
    3. Partial or complete withdrawal of consent to utilize personal information entrusted to The Group.
  7. Revisions to Policy
    The Group will comply with legislation related to personal information and may from time to time make revisions to its policies in accordance with changes to such legislation. Please be advised therefore that this policy is subject to change at any time without notification.

November 1.2004
© 2004 RISU Plastic group, Allrights reserved.